Kelly J. Blodgett, DMD
January 4, 2018
March 5, 2019

“It is not coincidental that during the 11 years I have consulted with Ciara, my orthodontic practice has expanded in production and collection, year after year during each of those 11 years. I reached out to her at a point in my career when I was struggling to serve my practice, patients, staff and, most importantly, my family. Ciara has always provided perspective and solid advice, without being judgmental. She wants me to succeed but she also helps me make corrections (i.e. tell me I’m wrong) in a way I can handle.

Ciara has been a trusted advisor and friend. I have been able to turn to her for advice on practice issues ranging from HR to PR. I believe every business owner needs a supportive, but honest and ethical, partner with whom they can share ideas, goals and problems. Ciara has been that partner for me!”