S ome of the best dentists, unfortunately don’t fulfill their practice potential – not for lack of dental skills and incredible results with patients, but for lack of management training and marketing.

Conversely, other dentists who may not have the same level of skill but sign up for a management/marketing program that works, are overflowing with patients!

Our clients experience on average three times net revenue and four times gross revenue increases. We choose to work with the top dentists who truly care about the oral as well as whole-body health of the patient, and are prudent about the materials and methodologies they use to help their patients.

These are dentists, who at huge expense and time commitments, have educated themselves on the ways to ensure the health and safety of their patients, while undergoing treatment. At their practices, patients get educated on best dental practices, so they can make informed choices as to what goes into their mouths and what procedure will give them the best, longest lasting results.

At Phase Two Management Consultants, we have a consulting and marketing program, designed for these dental practices. Of course, no two practices are the same, and no two practice owners have the same goals – so an individual strategy is worked out, tailored to the needs of each practice owner, while ensuring tremendous growth.

Email Ciara MacMahon at today to schedule a complimentary analysis of your practice and consultation to address areas of interest/concern.

Services Provided to expand Dental Practices:

  • Strategic Planning customized to each practice, so you have your own 3 to 5 year Business Plan
  • Marketing – including, but not limited to referrals from the integrative health community
  • Treatment acceptance & financial arrangements training for staff
  • Scheduling for maximum production
  • Hiring
  • Gaining agreement/buy-in from staff, so that they are on the same page as owner
  • Staff performance review/management/incentive plans
  • Leadership training
  • Efficiency/time/stress management training
  • Exit Strategy – some of our clients have sold practices to other clients of ours, so having a lot of contacts in the dental world, has helped clients out both with buying for growth, or selling for exit strategy.

Dr. Todd A. Curtis DDS, MS, MS

“It is not coincidental that during the 11 years I have consulted with Ciara, my orthodontic practice has expanded in production and collection, year after year during each of those 11 years. I reached out to her at a point in my career when I was struggling to serve my practice, patients, staff and, most importantly, my family. Ciara has always provided perspective and solid advice, without being judgmental. She wants me to succeed but she also helps me make corrections (i.e. tell me I’m wrong) in a way I can handle. Ciara has been a trusted advisor and friend. I have been able to turn to her for advice on practice issues ranging from HR to PR. I believe every business owner needs a supportive, but honest and ethical, partner with whom they can share ideas, goals and problems. Ciara has been that partner for me!”

Kelly J. Blodgett, DMD

Portland, Oregon, Holistic Dental Practice Owner.

Holistic Dental Practice 4X-es his Net Income in Less than 1 Year!!

“I would like to offer my unsolicited praise for Ciara McMahon! I hired Ciara approximately 1 year ago with the intention of growing my holistic dental practice. After owning my practice for 15 years, I wanted to see if we could really “spike” our growth rate, which had been relatively flat for the prior few years. Not only did we grow using the direct recommendations and guidance of Ciara, but within that year we were EXCEEDING my goals! And they were LOFTY goals! Twice before in my professional career as a dentist I have hired business consultants. And although the experiences were generally positive, we never really got substantially GREAT results with them. I felt like the prior groups tried to “put me in their box” and there was nothing specific to my practice about it. With Ciara, it has been totally different. She listens closely to my goals and provides workable solutions to achieve them. I would recommend her to any dentist that wants to really grow their business. This is a relationship that I intend to maintain for as long as I plan to grow my practice! And the results? No joke – our practice production is up approximately 70% over 2015 and my net income has increased almost 4X what it has been over the past ten years. I can not argue with these results! Thanks to Ciara, 2016 was a HUGE success. I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings as I follow her guidance again.”

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