C iara MacMahon CEO of Phase Two Management Consultants originally began her career as an attorney and spent seven years in successful legal practice, acting on behalf of business owners and protecting their rights. Realizing that often these business owners could have used her help sooner, rather than when they were being sued or needed to sue, she started consulting them on problem solving and dispute resolution, in order to avoid legal proceedings

The goal was to handle challenges in their businesses promptly so they did not get out of control & her clients thus did not have to face legal action. This transitioned her seamlessly into a management consultant role, which she has been working as since 1998. Since moving from Ireland to LA in 2001, she has focused on accounting and dental practice owners, and has helped well over a thousand owners achieve both their financial goals, as well as life balance and reduction of stress. She is herself a successful entrepreneur with extremely high client satisfaction ratings, as she dedicates herself to their success, as much as they themselves do.

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