How to Position Yourself as Partner to Your Client?
March 7, 2023

How to Effectively Market Your CPA Practice

Firstly, I would like to point out that no matter how much amazing advice practice owners receive about marketing – it will very often fall on deaf ears because they do not have the infrastructure to take advantage of it. By infrastructure is meant  – the right staff, proper processes, staff training, and time management. Practice owners have no time and no one to help them market! So, allocating resources to marketing should be the no. 1 priority in any marketing plan. A marketing plan that is not implemented is just a waste of time.

However, presuming you already have the infrastructure in place, let’s talk about the best marketing practices and tactics for 2023. One of the biggest trends today is, of course, something called  “content marketing”. This is where businesses showcase their talent and knowledge by giving free advice. It works on the basis that “if the business is giving this great information away for free, what more benefits could be had from actually becoming a client of the business?”

Content Marketing for CPAs

This emphasis on content marketing is not new but it is the age we are still very much in – and it is called “the information age”. Therefore, any business not using it is looked upon very unfavorably – and by that I mean, their marketing is automatically considered ‘spam’ and rejected by most recipients.

For example, recently I spoke with a CPA who signed up with an email marketing company – paying them thousands of dollars a month to send emails out to business owners letting them know all about his services. Unfortunately, these emails are just promotional.  This marketing company told him he would have to wait 6 months to get his first prospect, and he is still waiting….

You may be thinking you don’t want to give away your gems of information for free. But remember that no matter how much free advice you give your clients, if you are targeting new clients with complex needs – the chances of them going off and doing their own tax return or accounting is very slim!  So, don’t be shy about showcasing your knowledge.

It is however more difficult to use the content as a strategy in your marketing approach if you are not targeting any specific industry. So, niches do make content marketing a lot easier and more fruitful!  When you are marketing to “everybody” – it’s just a lot harder to resonate with anybody.
So, segmented marketing is an important aspect of content marketing and is actually the latest trend that is occurring.
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How CPA Firms Can Attract New Business Clients

Many of my clients are interested in growing through the acquisition of new business clients. Here are the key steps to being successful with it:

  1.  Choose a segment of the clients you want to help e.g. dentists, attorneys, construction, real estate, etc. Best to choose an industry that you already have a couple of clients in so that step no. 2 will be easier. But, you can add other industries later, so it’s not like you only get to pick one!
  2.  Write down what problems this industry has and the challenges they face on a regular basis. If you don’t know for sure, because you’ve only had time to focus on their tax preparation for them – then ask them.
  3. Craft a compelling series of messages that showcase your knowledge of their issues and what they should do about them. We provide our practice owners with templates but you do need to have step 2 above done before adapting these templates to your campaigns.
  4. Decide on the best ways to reach your target audience – is it email marketing, LinkedIn, Facebook, or one of the other online or offline mechanisms?

This way, your prospects will resonate better with your marketing, and not only that but they will be pre-sold on your services before they even schedule that first consultation with you!

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