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October 18, 2017
Want to Develop more Business Consulting services for your Clients? 
October 18, 2017

One of the most difficult objections practice owners (or any business actually) face in delivering their services is people who say “let me think about it”.

Now although it does not happen that much with new clients who are referrals; with the current use of many other forms of marketing, – in particular, online marketing, it is becoming more common.

This objection is challenging for so many service providers because it leaves them in the dark as to what the person wants to think about. Thus, they are out of control from that point forward.

The service provider often takes one of 2 courses –

a) gets a bit pushy and says “what do you want to think about?”-  which even though it does not have much finesse is still better than the second course, which is to say –
b) “ok sure”, and then let the prospect leave.

Nine times out of ten, “let me think about it” is a nicely disguised “no” but the service provider is often idealistic and thinks/hopes the prospect will return.

So, presuming, as I am sure I can, that the service presented is very much in the best interests of the prospect, a better option than the first two, is to first say:

1. “Sure, I understand. I want you to be 100% confident with this decision”
And then follow up with one or other of the following questions:

What are some of the most important issues you’re going to be thinking about?


“If you did this, what would be your main concern?”


“If I can ask, what are you unsure of?”

The above needs to be delivered with the utmost care and concern for the prospect. It takes a bit of practice but if it increases your closing rate by even 20%, that’s a very nice ROI!

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