Do Your Clients Get MORE than they Expected? 
October 17, 2017
Five Reasons Why it’s a Good Idea to Grow Your Practice!
October 18, 2017

We’ve all heard of content marketing, right? The importance of giving our clients information they can immediately use to better their situation – in this case, their financial and tax situation.

With entrepreneurship reaching very high levels of popularity these days and many going out to work for themselves – particularly in fields such as the internet, social media etc., more clients have a need for tax & accounting help than ever before.

For example, as I sat at my CPA’s office this year, I took notes on a ton of questions I needed answers to. Some we had time for, but mostly we were under pressure to get last year wrapped up and the return done, so my questions about what I could do going forward, were not as much of a priority.

I imagine other tax payers experience something similar – they are anxious to get their return done so they push their other questions to the backburner during their tax appointment.

As a result, now that tax season is over, it’s a great time to send out an email blast asking clients to contact you with their questions; letting them know you’re still there; that you want to help them understand their tax situation better and what they can do to put themselves in an even better position next year.

So, something along the lines of – “Now that tax season is over, I’ve set aside some time to answer any questions you may have had that did not get fully answered at your tax appointment. If you want to find out how you can ensure that your tax liability this time next year is maximally in your favor or have any other questions about how to best manage your finances, investments etc. please give me a call.”

You can of course add more to this knowing the types of questions your clients are likely to have.
Not only will this generate more work – e.g. they may need tax consulting, QB consulting, or e.g. to change their corporate structure etc. it also makes sure you are not just another commodity – preparing tax returns. You want them to properly understand the real value you can add in making their financial situation better. You’re not just the bearer of bad news around tax time; you are proactive and play the role more of financial advisor than merely the role of inputting data to  calculate their tax liability.

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