Do you want to Grow your Tax &
         Accounting Practice?

Do you want to Grow your Tax &
Accounting Practice?

Hi, I’m Ciara (pronounced “Key-ra”) MacMahon,of Phase Two Consulting LLC – and we scale CPA practices significantly faster than Owners can do by themselves. This is because it has been our sole focus and what we’ve done for 100s of CPA firms, for over 2 decades: The question is – can we do the same for you?

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Ciara MacMahon, Management Consultant and CEO of Phase Two Consultants LLC originally began her career as an attorney in Ireland, where she spent seven years in successful legal practice. She is now best known for developing a blueprint that boosts the revenues of CPA practices by 3-4x. This is achieved via a consulting program individualized and tailored to each practice. Each practice is studied for its strengths and weaknesses and then after a thorough planning process with the owner, a written step-by-step Plan is designed specifically for each firm.

CPAs are busy and don’t have time to wade through mountains of cookie cutter information to be found online, and in books etc. to resolve challenges to their expansion goals. They want solutions now – and they need them to be tailored to their specific needs and circumstances.

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