Ciara MacMahon CEO of Phase Two Management Consultants originally began her career as an attorney and spent seven years in successful legal practice, acting on behalf of business owners and protecting their rights. Realizing that often these business owners could have used her help sooner, rather than when they were being sued or needed to sue, she started consulting them on problem solving and dispute resolution, in order to avoid legal proceedings

The goal was to handle challenges in their businesses promptly so they did not get out of control & her clients thus did not have to face legal action.

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H aving worked with accounting practices since 1998, and prior to that working as an attorney in a very similar practice set-up, Ciara MacMahon, CEO of Phase Two Management Consulting, has successfully boosted revenues of accounting practices by 3 – 4X, while allowing the owner to take more time out of the practice.

Accounting practice owners are faced with endless deadlines and the challenges of managing workflow, finding the right staff, staff training as well as securing the acquisition of quality new clients! They are also often tasked with the not too pleasant responsibility of imparting bad news regarding taxes due, that the unprepared client is unhappy enough about, to oftentimes ‘shoot the messenger’!

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S ome of the best dentists, unfortunately don’t fulfill their practice potential – not for lack of dental skills and incredible results with patients, but for lack of management training and marketing.

Conversely, other dentists who may not have the same level of skill but sign up for a management/marketing program that works, are overflowing with patients!

Our clients experience on average three times net revenue and four times gross revenue increases. We choose to work with the top dentists who truly care about the oral as well as whole-body health of the patient, and are prudent about the materials and methodologies they use to help their patients.

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