Do Your Clients Get MORE than they Expected? 

There are many different levels of service that can be provided to our clients – from bare minimum to good exchange, all the way to giving more than the client expected. The latter, I hasten to add, does not mean, giving away free service. In fact, that just undervalues the work in terms of how […]

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Sales – Too Pushy or Too Passive?

Something many struggle with is hitting the right balance between ensuring the client understands the need for their services and – coming off like a pushy salesperson! Some practices are way too passive – they tell the prospect how they can help, and leave it at that. A person’s attitude and approach to sales often has […]

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Time = Money. Want more time?

We know that “time” is a very poorly understood subject – because highly successful people have the same no. of hours a day as everyone else. Somehow, they have figured out how to make time work for them, rather than be a slave to it. So, here are some truths about time that may help […]

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Is Your Practice Running You?
Boss or Girls at Work In Office

Are you running your practice or is it running you? Up against yet another deadline? Overwhelmed by client demands? Having consulted thousands of accounting practice owners, over the past fifteen years, so many of them I see, fall victim to upward delegation of work from staff! Staff accountants, and sometimes even the owner, consider it, the owner’s […]

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Your Post Tax Season Analysis:
man 2 leaving office

Firstly, congratulations on completing yet another tax season! Whether it’s your 2nd or 3rd or your 45th one, we all know it’s a major undertaking every year and now it’s time to take a well-deserved break! If you have quarterlies or other deadlines coming up and can’t take much time off, then definitely plan on something asap, so […]

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Marketing Your Practice – The Second Opinion Strategy:

Most practice owners provide a complimentary consultation for new client prospects. Some take this a step further and provide a Second Opinion. In other words, they will look at the past – usually two – three years returns, in advance of the complimentary consultation, and determine if they could have saved the client more tax dollars. This has […]

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