A little known trick to increasing your new patient numbers!
woman on phone

  In other blogs, the importance of simply getting the name and phone number of every new caller to your practice, was emphasized. This is a control point in your practice. Driving your car down the road, you would want to be in full control, right? Control is a good thing when it comes to […]

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To Hire or Not to Hire a Consultant/Coach for your Dental Practice?
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  Every year, dental schools turn out thousands of dentists, highly trained as clinicians, with very little idea of how to run a business. Same goes for lawyers, MDs, veterinarians, even CPAs who although they at least learn how to interpret a profit and loss statement, have no idea how to hire, manage staff, market their practices, […]

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What Type of Dentist does Best with a Management Consultant?

I have done blogs on whether or not to hire a consultant for your practice, as well as how to choose one. On the other side of the coin, is the question of what kind of dentist does best with consulting. Being coachable is a skill.  But here are some traits that I have found in common […]

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How Motivated are you?
Happy girl

  There may be many levels of motivation for people, but the two I want to focus in on today, are a) duty and b) money. Duty is a very high level of motivation. People who operate at this level, feel that they have been tasked with the job of getting their product or service […]

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Is Business Planning Really all that Important?
Notebook & Pen

  I know we’ve all been told that if we want to be successful, it starts with a good Plan, and I am not here to argue against that. Planning is crucial! But the problem is when planning starts to get in the way of action and a person’s runway to achieving their goals, gets […]

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How do I Know if my Level of Treatment Acceptance is Good?

  Recently, I’ve been working with a number of practices who, due to our having successfully increased their new patient numbers, are now focusing on conversion to treatment. When you see new patient, numbers increase, followed by no or a relatively small increase in production numbers, it becomes obvious that there is an issue with […]

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Increase your Schedule by 30 – 50%!
Dental Receptionist answering phone

Here are some scenarios that I have encountered where implementing a key change in how a dental practice scheduled resulted in 30% to 50% increases in production. These scenarios may not fit how your practice is currently scheduled but I think you will see from them, how powerful it can be to evaluate your schedule […]

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What you need to know about Phase Two “Lost” Income Analysis:

    A Holistic Analysis of your Practice: Busy doctors don’t have time to analyze their practice fully and properly with a heavy patient load. Nor have they been specifically trained how to do so.  Having a consultant gives them that opportunity, without taking away from the vital time needed for the production workload. That […]

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Why I don’t have an Office Manager!

Recently I spoke with a dentist who has two offices and is in the process of opening a third. She was running herself ragged – barely able to find room to breathe in her hectic schedule. I asked her if she had an office manager and she said (with a sigh of relief) ‘no, we […]

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