Case Studies

Dental Practice Increases Treatment Acceptance by 35% with Phase Two’s Proven Process!

Treatment acceptance is the holy grail of any dental practice. My client – a downtown Chicago based dental practice, had tons of new patients! However, it was of limited overall value, as patients were not proceeding with the treatment recommended in significant numbers. The key to the success of any practice lies in getting this piece of the puzzle working well. It determines whether or not the practice reaches its true full potential. Of course, there are lots of factors that influence the success of treatment acceptance and this practice had actually been working on some of these – such as having a private space to discuss treatment and finances with patients, having staff reinforce with patients the need for treatment, visual aids etc.but they weren’t addressing the main area in the process that was the weak link. For each practice this can be different but zoning in on and addressing what it is, per practice, brings about a rapid increase in treatment acceptance.

In this particular practice, they could not handle the money objection. As soon as it came up, the financial co-ordinator made some suggestions but then politely backed off and left it at that. When trained on exactly how to address this objection, without being salesy or pushy, there was an instant increase and large treatment plans were getting accepted instantly – whereas previously they were taking patients months – sometimes years to act on. This caused an immediate surge in production with an average increase in monthly revenues of 35% for Sept, Oct, Nov & Dec 2016.

The key here is — that while a practice can improve many things to encourage treatment acceptance, finding out where the weak link really is and focusing all energies – training etc on that one point, brings about the best results.