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A little known trick to increasing your new patient numbers!


In other blogs, the importance of simply getting the name and phone number of every new caller to your practice, was emphasized. This is a control point in your practice. Driving your car down the road, you would want to be in full control, right? Control is a good thing when it comes to practice management too!

So what other control points are there in your practice? Studies have shown that the greater the control there is, in a business, the more income it generates, so let’s explore areas of the practice where you could put more control in — than you may be currently.

One super significant area of the practice to control, is the source of your new patients. If you graph your new patient numbers on a monthly basis for about the past twelve months, you can then identify which month is the highest on your graph. Next, find out what new marketing efforts were done four to six weeks prior to this particular month. Marketing efforts include any new promotional actions – so e.g.

  1. Any mailing from your office – even a “we’ve moved!” postcard; or e.g. a “use it or lose it” letter.
  2. Any new ads you ran
  3. A change to your website.
  4. Valpak promotion or other direct mailing to certain zipcodes
  5. A whitening or other special offer, to current patients

Next, once you identify the change that caused the high new patient yield, repeat it! Even if e.g. it was a seasonal marketing effort, do something very similar to it. Most business owners are always trying new things but marketing requires less creativity than one would think. The trick is to figure out what is working, and then beat it to death, i.e. until it is no longer producing results.

One way to make the above exercise very easy, is to ensure you always keep a log of any marketing changes/additions you make, so they can be cross-referenced to increases in new patient numbers 4-6 weeks later.

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