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How to Position Yourself as Partner to Your Client?

There is lots of advice these days for practice owners to avoid being positioned as commodities – but there is very little assistance on how to actually make this transition, when it is needed! Often, we are in the position where we are approached by a client who at least on the surface just wants a […]

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Are You Feeling Chained To Your Practice?

Is your Practice in Phase I or Phase II? Firstly, a couple of definitions: “Phase I” refers to the state of a practice where the owner is very much the driver. Without the owner’s constant presence daily – billing, handling client demands, delegating work etc. – very little would get done. In this case, the […]

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How to Price Tax & Accounting Services?

Many practice owners do great at getting organic referrals from their clients. Some have even grown their practices via this type of word of mouth alone. These referrals are usually already sold on the practice, before they even come in, so they are often easy sales. While all of this is great news for the […]

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